Verifyfaces was born out of a desire to develop a security system with ‘enterprise performance and features’ without the need for proprietary hardware, specialist IT support and the large price tag.


Facial Recognition

Verifyfaces offers one of the world's most advanced facial recognition systems available to private enterprise, utilising the same face matching algorithm which has been refined in the field by border protection agencies and police forces worldwide for over 40 years.

The system addresses a range of business requirements from security to customer experience. Individuals can be identified in real time and matched against historical footage, triggering customisable alerts and notifications.

Footage is stored behind the client’s firewall in galleries that can be configured for various purposes such as individuals on an alert list, individuals authorised for restricted access or frequent shoppers.

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Face Detection

Verifyfaces allows businesses to accurately track visitor statistics by time range, gender, and age group. No biometric data is stored.

Using Open APIs, the system can integrate with billboards and other dynamic displays to advertise targeted visitor content. Verifyfaces’ eye-tracking feature will monitor visitor engagement providing accurate feedback for advertisers.

Verifyfaces combines superior functionality with an unrivalled facial detection algorithm to create a system, that in most cases integrates with existing hardware, at a fraction of the cost of enterprise-scale systems.

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Persons of Interest Identification

Verifyfaces is proactive, generating real-time configurable alerts for individuals matching pre-defined image galleries such as:

  • People on an alert list
  • Person approved for restricted areas
  • Frequent shoppers
  • After hours service personnel

Verifyfaces pre-scans video for recognisable objects (e.g. faces), then creates optimised, time-stamped images ensuring system performance.

Galleries can contain up to 100 individuals and Verifyfaces utilises Eagle Eyes Networks Cloud VMS enabling operators to review footage using natural language-based searches such as “find man with red shirt”

Different notification and alerts, including instructions, can easily be setup to cater for a wide variety of situations.

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Why is Verifyfaces Unique?

Verifyfaces puts business owners back in charge of their business from proactive security to customer experience.

  • Price

    Enterprise facial recognition systems can cost millions. Compatibility with existing infrastructure and low monthly fee, per camera, make Verifyfaces affordable

  • Performance

    Enterprises systems take up to 1 hour to analyse 24 hours of footage. Verify does this in under a minute, due to the unique way Verifyfaces balances data loads

  • Simplicity

    Verifyfaces utilises Eagle Eyes Networks Cloud VMS so searching footage is as easy as doing a web search. Just type in what you want to see e.g. ‘Man with backpack’

  • Accuracy

    Verifyfaces shares the same algorithm used by most passport control and border protection services – tried, tested and refined in the field for over 40 years

Technology Partner

Verifyfaces is proud to partner with Eagle Eyes Networks. Their world class cloud VMS platform provides robust security and blistering system performance.

  • Eagle Eyes Networks has a customer footprint in 110 countries
  • Fully featured VMS - built in the cloud
  • No software to update
  • Operates in Windows or MAC
  • 100% browser and mobile based
  • Cross Browser Compatible
  • Dedicated iOS and Android Apps
  • AI-based image characterisation
  • Natural language-based search function
Technology Partner