Verifyfaces solutions

How is Verifyfaces being used?

We are finding new applications for Verifyfaces everyday. Prospective clients are currently evaluating the system for applications such as:

  • Security at remote mining camps
  • Personalised marketing in shopping centres
  • Customer experience in gaming and hospitality
  • 24hr logistics security
  • Managing access to plant and equipment
  • Securing remote infrastructure

How Spar tackled loss prevention

Verifyfaces provides accurate statistics measured by time of day, gender and age group which can be integrated with in-store digital displays to show relevant promotional content.

Verifyfaces Analytics Dashboard

Verifyfaces can manage access to sensitive areas such as loading docks. After hours security personnel or cleaners can also have their safety accreditations associated with their image profiles.

How the Refuge increased security

Verifyfaces statistics module measures visitor traffic by time of day, gender and age group which can be used the optimise store setup and provide meaningful data for resource planning.

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