Face Matching System

Due to its compatibility with existing hardware and its unique decentralised platform architecture, the Verifyfaces video face matching system offers businesses the same quality of outcome as the large proprietary systems, without the associated price tag.

How it works

The face matching algorithm used in Verifyfaces is the same used by most of the western countries for Border Protection, Security, Passport Control and SmartGates. It’s been proven in the field for over 40 years.

Unlike most other systems, Verifyfaces pre-scans video for recognisable objects (e.g. faces), then creates optimised, time-stamped events ensuring blistering system performance thanks to a cost effective on-site bridge. The system records events that are scanned and matched against customisable image galleries.

By matching real time surveillance data with historical footage Verifyfaces addresses a range of business issues from loss prevention to customer experience. Galleries can easily be setup for:

  • People on an alert list
  • Person approved for restricted areas
  • Frequent visitors (VIPs)
  • After hours service personnel

Configurable alerts with instructions can be sent to store personnel once a positive ID is made.

Seamless integration with Eagle Eyes Networks cloud VMS ensures blistering speed. The Verifyfaces bridge also balances processing loads between the cloud environment and local network, reducing latency while maintaining data security. Reviewing footage is up to 60 times faster than other systems.

Verifyfaces is ideal for a broad range of applications, providing proactive security with enhanced functionality that streamlines business processes and reduces cost.

Case Study:

How Spar tackled loss prevention


Loss prevention is a significant problem for retailers and statistics show it’s on the rise. For Ravi, the owner of this Spar outlet, stock loss represented over $6,000 per month.

Working with Verifyfaces, Ravi installed a facial matching security system and has seen theft reduce by 40% to date.

Key issues:

  • Over $1,500 per week in stock losses
  • Staff cannot afford to monitor everyone in store at all times
  • Traditional security systems are reactive and require constant monitoring
  • Reviewing security footage is time consuming

The challenge

With the cost of goods increasing and margins shrinking, stock loss from theft can be devastating to the bottom line.

This was the case for Ravi, who operates a busy Spar retail store in Parramatta. He was seeing losses of at least $1,500 each week. He contacted Verifyfaces and agreed to host a pilot of their facial matching system so he could identify and monitor those most likely to steal from the premises. Shoplifters target busy stores, attacking regularly and often working in groups.

This unique system allows Ravi to identify and tag suspect individuals from video footage. Cameras are carefully placed to capture anyone entering the premises. The facial matching system searches the image database and confirms a match. An alert is sent to the manager who approaches the individual and ‘offers assistance’, subtly letting him know he is being monitored. The Verifyfaces system does not store any data on the general public, it only records data on people that are known offenders.

The system uses the same face matching algorithm that is trusted by border force authorities and police organisation around the world. It’s been used and refined over 40 years in the field.

The results

The system has been in place for 18 months and losses have decreased by 40% with further improvements expected.

Initially the Verifyfaces system was being operated using onsite servers, however the cost of this hardware was prohibitive for most retailers. In addition, latency issues also affected system performance at times. So, Verifyfaces partnered with Eagle Eye Networks to developed a cloud based solution that overcomes the performance issues and greatly reduces the overall cost of the system.

Searching surveillance footage is just like searching the web. Users don’t have to manually review footage, they simply enter instructions, for example, “search for male with a red shirt, or woman with a backpack”. These analytics allow the operator to locate and track persons of interest across all cameras and instantly find what they are looking for.

Verifyfaces is a proactive security solution that puts you back in control of all aspects of your business from loss prevention to customer loyalty. Contact us to find out how we can help your business!

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